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The same lady who commented on my Facebook page has also written a comment on Blurb.com about my book

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jhaywardgantAugust 27 2012, 07:40 PDT

I have purchased this book, I recommend this interesting read, real facts, real knowledge,how the press can damage lives and change relationships in families, strength between two sisters remain and I am honoured to know the lovely Diana and now her sister Monica Weller. The description is detailed,the suspense makes you grip the page,hold onto your seat and rush onto the next page. Robert Pattinson is lucky to have two such lovely aunts and should be the first in the queue to read this book. Mis-quotes have damaged relationships where families should bond and stay strong in unity, find out how their lives have been transformed by a few life choices and events, the future unknown and unsure. You can order the book online and have it delivered to your door. Quality reading and not just a holiday read, pick the book up, treasure the quality of the paper, a hard back book to keep and re read. Monica has also written a book on Ruth Ellis, fantastic enjoyable informative book

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  1. drinkingshampain123

    Hello Monica, hope you are well.
    I find this book really interesting and would love to read it. Where can I purchase a copy from?

    Many thanks.

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