My Story Behind a Family Photograph

My short, personal, story behind this family photograph taken in 1955 (which appears on the front cover of my book The Twilight Connection) has been published in The Broadie magazine.

With details on how to download the magazine for £1.50, including the story, please click on:

and follow instructions for the download.



At the beginning of October this year my partner and I stayed in Broadstairs in Kent for a few days. One morning he was idly waiting for me to get dressed and picked up a copy of The Broadie that was usefully lying on the coffee table in our suite at our b+b. He said the magazine was a bit of a laugh and worth reading.


On the magazine’s website The Broadie’s editor (he calls himself The Brigadier) says he likes “to have the occasional pop at our beloved council (God bless ‘em) or for that matter anyone else who deserves it. There’s often a bit of a rant, maybe a bit of fun, the odd cartoon, a what’s on guide, letters, articles supplied by the general public (that’s you lot) and plenty of stuff about our lovely little town by the sea”.

Later on I flicked through the magazine and that’s how I came to write my little story.

In a way, and in my opinion, The Broadie’s a bit like Private Eye.  

I won’t be uploading the article here for copyright reasons but it’s well worth the £1.50 for the download if you can’t get to Broadstairs for a paper copy.

Monica Weller


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